Litho Print

When it comes to Litho print; think traditional. It dates back all the way to 1796 in one form or another. Using a rubber roller, the ink is made up of four liquid colours (rather than toner powder, used in Digital Printing) and applied using a special, custom made plate for every print. Litho printing can use spot colours, metallics and Pantones too. Litho printing can be finished on a wider range of paper weights as well, right from 35gsm all the way up to thick card

Digital Print

Digital print machines are essentially large laser printers. They are much faster and print to a very high quality. They use toner to print with, which is a very fine coloured powder and a heat method which fuses the toner to the product, and the mechanism of the machines mean that they can print onto paper in the 90gsm – 350gsm range. Digital printing can give interesting effects when printing onto textured paper. This printing method gives you speed over quality.

Vinyl Print

Vinyl printing is all about heat transfer. We use a machine to cut out letters and designs from colored vinyl and heat-press them onto t-shirts, and other fabric materials to transfer the color and design onto it. Vinyl printing is best suited for simple graphics. If you’re looking to create basic shapes or text-based designs, this is the method to use. Need to print jersey numbers for your high school soccer team? Excellent!


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